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Thursday, June 08, 2023

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This Website contains representations of my work.† Some of these works have already have been claimed by friends and are no longer available for acquisition.† They are marked (taken) within the title box below the picture.† Those on Display are indicated (Showing) and maybe available at a later date. I will periodically weed out some of the lesser items to replace them with new work.† I strongly urge all, who are interested in any of those that have not been ĒTakenĒ† to contact me via email, text or phone and let me know of your interestÖ.

Iíve recently joined the Thousand Oaks Art Association and participated in in their 2021 Online Member Show.††††

Give some of these a good home, I Canít keep everything that I do and for some reason, canít throw them away either.


Itís A Matter of Perspective (Taken)

Watercolor 14x17



Holiday Card No. 1 (Taken)

Watercolor (14x17)



A Light at the Edge of the World

Watercolor 14x17 20201229